about us

We at musicserve.net are an experienced bunch of musos who have joined forces to create the UK’s premier one stop music market! The team is comprised of ex DJs, club promoters, band members, home studio artists and a few computer weirdo’s and so we have quite an idea of what its like to try to find equipment, gigs, and session artists.

The idea for musicserve.net arose whilst searching for a session singer for a band using popular trading websites, as their were no specific sites around to do this. When searching on these sites for a singer, a whole array of ironing boards and sewing machines appeared, made by Singer, the manufacturer! What a nightmare!

Musicserve.net’s aim is to marry all music people together in one easy step. With our extensive database, we marry buyers with sellers, artists with agents to form the UK’s Premier online music market. Here’s your chance to buy, sell, find and promote anything or everything music – FREE!. Club promoters can look for DJ’s or DJ’s can advertise their style, bands can look for a new member whilst using the site to find some new equipment or a record.

We would like musicserve.net to do exactly what it says and serve music people, allowing them to obtain exposure, techniques and music services that usually appear out of reach – for instance some amateur bands would love to get a remix of one of their tunes made so as to add it to the music CV, but this can be difficult and expensive. At the same time home studio artists would love to get their grubby hands on some original music and mix it up – musicserve.net will allow you to do just that, simply place an advert requesting a home studio artist to remix a tune or an advertisement offering your services as a remix master.